My Review of “He Loves Me, I Know He Does” by Jack X. Crawford

This was offered as a free download from during a temporary promotion. I’ve done this before and have never been happy with result. Yes, I’ve heard the definition of insanity. I was hoping this would be different because of the author’s background in radio, a medium for which I’ve long had a soft spot. From the author’s profile:

Jack X[.] Crawford has been a Top 40 and Country DJ, Program Director, Sales Executive, and Chief Engineer for radio stations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky.

After reading this, I was hoping for some insight into the business and technological workings of a commercial radio station, especially now with technology changing so rapidly. No such luck.

The main character, Jesse Black, is a woman-beater and something of sex addict. Nevertheless, women flock to him. He’s good looking, but what makes him attractive to women is never quite explained. The women he comes into contact with are all damaged people, but then, so is nearly character in the book. Those who aren’t damaged are predators who would make Simon Legree shudder in horror.



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